Matthew has been on the soccer field as a pro.
And he has been behind the prison wall as a con.


Matthew Maher is an author, speaker, and pastor. Through various vocations, he aims to inspire conscience and instigate conviction. Navigate the ministries below to learn more
about Matthew’s calling.

With sponsorship and support provided by the Be Still Foundation, Matthew is a highly sought after speaker throughout the nation's wide range of High Schools, Colleges, and Municipal Alliances. Even though Matthew is a strong man of faith, he can deliver an empowering message in the secular realm when requested. His speaking engagements are personal and geared to the individual audience.

Matthew is a Pastor at Landmark, where he speaks most Thursday Evenings at 6:30PM and Sunday Mornings at 9AM & 11AM in the Main Sanctuary. Landmark Church is a Non-Denominational Church, located on the corner of 8th & West Avenue in Downtown Ocean City, NJ. To have Matthew speak at your church or ministry event, please fill out a booking form using the Request Booking.


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