From hopeless position to higher purpose;
step inside the Matthew Maher story.

N.J. athlete convicted in fatal drunken driving crash seeks prison exception to speak to students

As a professional soccer player, Matt Maher could always protect the goal. But in the courtroom last January, he was without a defense.

I Believe Matt's Life Is Going to Be Used in a Big Way

It was a beautiful Saturday in June, 2009, and we were anxiously attending our first public outing since "that day." We had just returned from a respite away with close family and friends, which gave us the opportunity to process our pain and define it into a bigger vision of God's purpose.

The Hands of the Angels Came to the Rescue

With nose scrunched upward and eyes scanning me up and down, my brutally honest granddaughter groaned a sigh of disappointment as she demanded to know, "Mom-Mom, is THAT what you're wearing?"

Responds to Spouters with Heartfelt Thanks

Long before the Mahers had ever fallen victim to Spout Off, I had written a column repudiating it. I still refuse to read the remarks, but there are those who nevertheless make me aware of the despicable chatter pertaining to my family or me. I would be the liar now if I didn't admit that some of it hurts. However, here is a response from my son, Matt, after some recent Spout Off postings were sent to him in prison.


Polish comes through trouble! Hmmm. I guess on any given day, if I were perfectly honest, I would choose to remain rough and angular. I've never reveled in hard times. I can't say I've ever shouted to my friends in the midst of a traumatic, life-altering event, "Hey, just wait and see how beautiful this will make me!"