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Islam: Satan's Counterfeit To Christianity

December 7, 2023

Character Over Charisma (Biblical Qualifications For Church Leaders)

December 3, 2023

First Timothy 3:1-3

Hot Mic Q&A: Israel (Then & Now)

November 30, 2023

Spiritual Transgenderism (Part 2): A Nonbinary Approach Hurts The Family & The Church

November 19, 2023

First Timothy 2:9-15

Spiritual Transgenderism: When Roles Are Reversed In The Church

November 12, 2023

First Timothy 2:8-15

Signs of the Times: Transhumanism and Transgenderism

November 9, 2023

Lifting Holy Hands Amid Clenched Fists

November 5, 2023

First Timothy 2:5-8

The Genesis & Revelation of Antisemitism

November 2, 2023

Revelation 12

Lifting Up Government: Prime Prayers For Prime Ministers

October 30, 2023

First Timothy 2:1-4

Signs of the Times: The Hell Behind Hamas

October 19, 2023

Selected Scripture

Waging War Within A World At War

October 15, 2023

First Timothy 1:18-20

UPDATE: War In Israel | The Bible Is The Blueprint

October 12, 2023

UPDATE: Israel Declares War | The Pain, Problem, Prophecy, and Peace of What's Happening?

October 8, 2023

A Chief Savior For A Chief Sinner

October 8, 2023

First Timothy 1:12-17

Giving Life To The One Who Caused Death (Beauty From Ashes)

October 1, 2023

On October 1, 2023, Matthew Maher and Somaly Ung met face to face for the first time since January 7th, 2010. It has been 14 years since they last saw each other in court at Matthew's sentencing day for being recklessly responsible for the at-fault drunk driving incident that took the life of 55 year old, Hort Kap. Mr. Hort Kap was the father of 6 children, Somaly being the oldest. Thanks to Pastor Randy Eliason of Calvary Church Wyncote, who felt compelled to make this redemptive reunion possible, Matthew and Somaly share the platform to demonstrate the power of reconciliation and forgiveness. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, never underestimate the power of God to bring beauty from your ashes, to rebuild hope from hopelessness, to birth new life out of seeming death, and to paint the perfect picture of redemption with the colors of affliction. This is the testimony of what it looks like to give life to the one who caused death.