July 25, 2021



With so many things going backwards in this world, I think it is time for a few biblical reminders. Remember: Regardless of what’s in front of you--“This too shall pass” and ultimately “God helps those who help themselves.” HOLD UP A MINUTE!  I’m sorry to break it to you but neither of these sayings are found in Scripture and ignorance of that fact is a big part of the problem in this upside-down world. Biblical illiteracy!

If a Christian is careless about Bible reading, they will care less about Christian living. You see, the Word of God needs to be the primary focus of our spiritual education. Without knowing what God says, the people are often left to their own devices and decisions. Proverbs 29:18 states, “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law.”  I think we have all seen living proof of the first part of this verse on news reels every night.

Sadly, the culture of so many churches in America are more focused on providing a message of comfort rather than one of conviction, which always leads to compromising God’s promises. It is widely believed that the Word of God must be watered down in order to get a nonbeliever to come back to church. The thinking is you don’t want anyone leaving church uncomfortable. However, God’s Word is living and powerful, and it does not need man’s rearranging or changing of its potency to convert a soul (Psalm 19:7). Besides, a watered-down presentation of God’s Word only produces water-logged Christians.

You see, there must be a proper presentation of God’s Word, one that honors its authority over popularity. Why? Because the Word of God doesn’t just teach us what’s right for us, but it also exposes what’s wrong in us. It is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, but it’s also an x-ray to our broken soul. Thus, it is crucial for the believer to spend time in the Bible, that they may receive godly direction, humble correction, and fruitful instruction through the Spirit’s inspiration.

And ultimately time spent in the Word will give you the ability to discern between worldly platitudes and scriptural truth. And in this day and age, it is crucial to know the God of the Word, because when the latest variant called fear heads our way, it will be the knowledge and discernment from His Word that will equip us to know the difference between truth and lies. It is only the Word of God that inspires us to have courage over compromise.




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