August 2, 2022



Something God has placed in my heart as a Pastor is the idea of “Re-churching the Church.” The Church in America has become weak, ineffective, cowardly and has strayed from preaching the full counsel of God to the ecclesia (aka church) which means “called out ones.” When Jesus chose the word ecclesia to define what He was building (Matthew 16:18), He was using a secular word, (that Greeks and Romans understood as a public gathering of its citizens to address common and civil concerns, aka politics), to describe His purpose for the Church. This truth implied, not separation of church from the public space, but rather, it placed the Church in the public space. Jesus took the idea behind a secular establishment (ecclesia) and made it a sacred movement. 

And yet, in the American context, the Church no longer holds the line of truth because too many pulpits would rather stay in the safety of the sideline of lies--for comfort and worldly security. They'd rather be politically correct than biblically correct.

So, I’m not surprised that Pastors who are politically correct are usually the first to try to correct you politically. They assert, “That message was too political and politics doesn’t belong in the pulpit,” which is basically saying God doesn’t belong in government.

Meanwhile, these same PC Pastors that say something is "too political" don’t even realize their silence on so many issues affirms that which is unbiblical or immoral (the sad irony is the fact that such a stance of silence is their politics); and yet when they do address a topic and want their congregants to take notice, it’s usually from the sleeping position of woke justice. You see, to be politically correct is often morally corrupt. They sadly think that the gospel they preach should revolve around the world's mantra of “love your neighbor” or “we’re all in this together” and they think that is enough to represent the love of the Savior. But "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7). In other words, you cannot love your neighbor when being governed by fear nor can you think biblically (sound mind) when fear is the spirit that is leading you. One can call it “humble obedience,” but it’s more like cowardice compliance. 

There is not one issue that the Church of Jesus Christ can lock arms with and agree upon with the Marxist Mainstream Media, Big Tech Oligarchy, Secular Academia, godless Hollywood, polluted politicians, and partisan physicians—including every aspect of what they consider as socially just. 

Not one. 

Gender identity? Nope. Sexuality? Nope. The definition of the family? Nope. Morality? Nope. Life in the womb? Nope. Islam is evil? Nope. Censorship is evil? Nope. There is only one way to heaven? Nope. These days the list is endless…including FDA and CDC advisements about coronavirus and governmental overreach that strips people of their freedoms and liberties.

The Church and the world will never agree. And this latest assault is not about public health and science. If it were, then natural immunity would be an option as well as other preventative measures that are being censored. 

Yet those pastors who deny the importance of presenting all matters through the lens of a biblical worldview have no qualms in submitting to the deceptive optics of the media and their affirming narrative of “love, tolerance, and unity” at the expense of truth and integrity. 

Pastors in pulpits who agree with godless pundits are nothing but parrots and puppets for the prince of the power of the air. Say that five times fast and then leave that type of church just as fast.

I will not be silenced by PC Pastors. They are cowards, the blind leading the blind. These types of pastors and congregants that agree are precisely those that would have stayed silent in Nazi Germany. 




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