REAL TALK / GIRL TALK (by Sarah Maher)

September 6, 2019
REAL TALK / GIRL TALK (by Sarah Maher)

[Written by my wife, Sarah Maher. But more than that, this blog was written from personal experience and a heart beautified by the Lord for the younger generation]

To the girl who started this school semester thinking, “I just need to survive this school year”…. “As long as I stick with my friend group, I’ll be okay”.... or, “THIS will be the year I feel good enough (accepted, valued)." Listen, none of those thoughts are wrong (I have been there! *braces, flip phone and all*), but can I be honest with you for a moment?

You were made for more than just “survival.” Your friends WILL let you down, as great as they may be, I can promise you that they will fall short. And there might be days where you feel like you don’t belong and the tears may fall, and all you want to do is crawl in your bed and disappear from it all.

But TAKE HEART, there’s good news: you have a CHOICE on where you place your hope. You get to decide where you exhaust your energy, where you seek peace, and where you find your worth/validation.

I’m not trying to sound uber spiritual or be that corny mom who has no idea what I’m talking about, but LET ME TESTIFY--Jesus is enough. On the day where your peers ADORE you, the day you make the sports team, the day everyone compliments your outfit, and the cute boy notices you...He’s enough.

On the day you feel so alone that you’d rather not wake to see the next, on the day your parents make you feel like a caged bird, on the day you feel unliked/invisible/uncomfortable in your own skin, and EVEN on the day you feel shame from a decision you made on the weekend and everyone is talking about it… He is STILL enough.

I pray that you have an AMAZING year full of growth and JOY, but let's be diligent in placing our hope where it belongs. Our faithful, Heavenly Father knows WAY better than we do. He loves your ratchet side and He delights in you. Lean in. He’s enough.



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