April 25, 2021



Do you ever wonder why there are so many blatant and unavoidable “social issue” arguments these days? Well for one, behind every social and political point of view is a spiritual underpinning. And while we may hope for resolution or even unification in these conflicts, the reality is that these differences are only going to get deeper and wider. 

And here’s why! The Word of God explicitly says that times and people will only get worse (2 Timothy 3:13); deception will increase (I Timothy 4:1); the world will get more hostile towards God (Matthew 24:9-12). The divide will become more blatant because God is using it to purge and separate His remnant (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Throughout history, when a government sought to control the people, they would do so by propagating fear. People are more inclined to give up their liberties when they “think” they are gaining “securities.” It is not uncommon for a crisis to be manufactured or exploited in order for those in power to grab even more power. Sound familiar? And clearly, a government not submitted to God’s authority is beastly and will eventually seek to replace God. 

I have to be honest. It truly saddens my heart to see so many people turning into sheeple and being led to the slaughter through lies and deception-- all framed under the banner of “unity”; “We are in this together”; “We can build back better”; Sadly, the worlds invitation to unity is actually an invitation to conformity. And if you don’t comply with the agenda, you become labeled a “radical,” “religious zealot,” or even a “racist.” Ultimately: CANCELLED! 

An easy barometer to gauge where you stand is to take an honest look at the direction of the unbelieving world. In other words, if you’re stance has you shoulder to shoulder with the narrative of the Marxist Mainstream Media, the censorship of Big Tech Oligarchies, the anti-God curriculum of Secular Academia, the politically correct opinion of Hollywood, and the continual vacillating of organizations like the CDC and WHO, I can sadly assure you that you are deceived and being used like a pawn for the powers to be (2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

Gone are the days where you can stay under the radar about your “faith” or lack thereof. Scripture tells us that God will separate true believers from self-deceivers. Things are so crazy these days that many who wear the name Christian try to speculate on unsettled controversial topics such as “Jesus would wear His mask out of love for others.”

You have your right to that opinion, but frankly I find it confounding when we ascribe our own personal human motivations and earthly thinking to the divine character and mind of Jesus, the Son of God. We shouldn’t impose our fallen thoughts on God, but we should allow His divine thoughts to fall on us.

You see, what we do know is that Jesus went out of His way to touch outcasts; and His most loving act was not to socially distance but to spiritually engage. In addition, I’ve also seen plenty of social media posts claiming Jesus would get vaccinated. Again, these suppositions are not only nonsensical– but clearly unbiblical. And for the record, these examples are not a condemnation of “masks or medicine.” But just try saying, “My body, my choice?” You may be confronted with: “But you can kill someone.”

Umm, let’s think about that for a second. Exactly! Beware of becoming so indoctrinated to the politically correct narrative that we no longer are able to identify hypocrisy.

Speaking of actually being politically correct, Christ is coming back again to establish His political Kingdom on earth. “Political Kingdom? Come on Pastor, leave politics out of this!” 

Newsflash! He is coming again! So, turn off the fake news and open up the good news. God’s Word says His politics will be fully and finally established when He returns. Literally and physically. God’s government will have laws of governance which will be executed by the Supreme Governor, His Son Jesus Christ (Daniel 7:14). Every true Christian should be aligned with the policies, platform, and person of Christ now, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, because they will be administered in due time.

The day is getting late, and the divide is only going to get greater. Now is not the time to fit in with the world but to live out your faith in the Lord!




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